Journal Articles

Democracy and Police Violence

by Jackson, Joshua, Shelby Hall and Daniel W. Hill Jr.

Determining Statistical Pattern on the Drug-Related Killing in Philippines Using ARIMA and Poisson Techniques

by Adrian Tamayo

Discourses of Violence: Coping with Violence on the Cape Flats

by Steffen Jensen

Duterte and His Quixotic War on Drugs

by Lowell Bautista

Drug War Stories and the Philippine President

by Dan Jerome Barrera

Duterte’s Drug War: Violating Rights for a Quick Fix

by Gill Boehringer

Duterte's Mediated Populism

by Duncan McCargo

Duterte’s Resurgent Nationalism in the Philippines: A Discursive Institutionalist Analysis

by Julio C. Teehankee

Duterte's War on Drugs and the Silence of the Addiction Science Community

by Audrey R. Chapman and Thomas F. Babor

Electing a Strongman

by Julio C. Teehankee

Excessive Use of Deadly Force by Police in the Philippines Before Duterte

by Peter Kreuzer

Fatal Imaginations: Death Squads in Davao City and Medellín Compared

by Oude Breuil, Brenda Carina, and Ralph Rozema

Fieldnotes on the Vigilante Movement in Mindanao: A Mix of Self-Help and Formal Policing Networks

by W. Timothy Austin

Five Thousand Dead and Counting: The Philippines' Bloody War on Drugs

by Sophie Cousins

Flirting with Authoritarian Fantasies? Rodrigo Duterte and the New Terms of Philippine Populism

by Nicole Curato

Framing the War: The Marawi Siege as Seen Through Television Documentaries

by Maria Panzo

Governing through Killing: The War on Drugs in the Philippines

by David T. Johnson and Jon Fernquest

Is the Philippine 'War on Drugs' an Act of Genocide?

by Dahlia Simangan

Kalaban: Young Drug Users' Engagements with Law Engagements with Law Enforcement in the Philippines

by Gideon Lasco

Living with the Promise of Violence: The State and Indigenous People in a Militarized Frontier

by Augusto Gatmaytan

Oplan Tokhang Operation in Police Regional Office XI: An Evaluation

by Adrian Tamayo

Perspective on the Philippines: The War on Drugs: A Step toward Fascism?

by Cindy Domingo

Philippine Populism: Local Violence and Global Context in the Rise of a Filipino Strongman

by Alfred McCoy

Police Violence and Corruption in the Philippines: Violent Exchange and the War on Drugs

by Steffen Jensen and Karl Hapal

Policing the war on drugs and the transformation of urban space in Manila

by Anna Braemer Warburg and Steffen Jensen

Politics of Anxiety, Politics of Hope: Penal Populism and Duterte's Rise to Power

by Nicole Curato

President Duterte: A Different Philippine Leader

by Barry Desker

Profiling 'Voluntary Surrenderers' of Oplan Tokhang in Marikina City, Philippines: An Emic View

by Leonardo R. Estacio

Putting a Face on the Philippines' Drug War

by Gladys G. Serafica

Terrorism by Public Authority: The Case of the Death Squads of Indonesia and the Philippines

by Justus M. van der Kroef

The Development of a Community-Based Drug Intervention for Filipino Drug Users

by Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, Arsenio S. Alianan, Mendiola T. Calleja, Isabel E. Melgar, Avegale Acosta, Angelique Villasanta, Kay Bunagan, et al.

The Duterte Presidency as a Phenomenon

by Ramon C. Casiple

The Philippines' 'War on Drugs' in the Community Press

by Karen Ann Macalalad and Raphael Rayco

The Philippines' Anti-Drug Campaign: Building a Dataset of Publicly-Available Information on Killings Associated with The Anti-Drug Campaign

by Clarissa C. David, Ronald U. Mendoza, Jenna Mae L. Atun, Radxeanel Peviluar N. Cossid, and Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano

The Role of Mayors and Barangay Captains in the Philippines' Anti-Drugs Campaign

by Ronald U. Mendoza, Michael Henry Yusingco, and Jayvy Gamboa

The Spectacle of Violence in Duterte's 'War on Drugs'

by Danilo Andres Reyes

The Specter of Neo-Authoritarianism in the Philippines

by Mark R. Thompson

War on Drugs: The Church's Resilient Mission of Resistance

by Jojo M. Fung, Manoling Francisco and Albert E. Alejo

Weak State, Strong Presidents: Situating the Duterte Presidency in the Philippine Political Time

by Julio C. Teehankee